About me

About me as a tattoo artist

Tattoos are not just ink on the skin; they are complex works of art that require skill and creativity. I have great respect for tattoo artists who are not only technically competent, but also a unique artistic vision. Every tattoo tells a story, whether it's a memorial tattoo or a funny little inside joke between friends.

What I like the most are dark and unusual subjects, different textures and dynamic large-scale images where the details come into their own. In terms of subject matter, my favorites include nature subjects, fantasy, dark art, occultism, games and movies, but I am happy to implement all kinds of tattoo subjects in my own style.

As a person, I'm a bit of a jokester, but we might well come to an agreement about things that just happen to be fucked up in this world, like when a sock rolls half off your foot inside your shoe, or when you're making breakfast and you thought there was still one last slice of cheese in the fridge, but there wasn't. Some days there is more chatter in the studio, and other days I prefer to focus on tattooing while listening to a podcast in the background. 

I am an introvert-friendly person in such a way that there is absolutely no need to engage in awkward conversations, but you can focus on your own stuff, for example watching Netflix on your phone or listening to music.

I want you to have a relaxed and comfortable feeling in and around the tattoo chair, and I strive to make the tattoo situation not unnecessarily painful. Of course, it always feels a little bit when you poke with a needle, but I'm quite gentle and you can ask for breaks as much as you need - I also never ask you to go beyond your endurance limits.

Finally - it's important for me to always be myself and I can't be anything else. This honesty is also reflected in the tattoos - they are genuine and just like me.


About me in general

I was born in Finland in 1994. I speak Finnish, excellent English and Swedish I understand better than I speak, but maybe that counts.

I have been making art all my life and I started my career as a tattoo artist at the beginning of June 2019.

My family includes the Belgian shepherd Mörkö and the sphinx boys Nukka and Siika and a wonderful man whom I share my life with.

If you have any questions, message me on Instagram @feraobscura or email fera@feraobscura.com.

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