Tattoo info


Shower yourself properly the day before and exfoliate/moisturize your skin. Smooth skin without a dead skin layer is easier to tattoo and potentially even reduces the duration of the tattooing time, when the skin does not have to be worked on as much. You can still moisturize on the morning of the tattoo if the skin is noticeably dry.

Go to bed early and make sure you get enough rest. Rested, you can sit still better the next day.

Drink lots of water! Do not drink alcohol the night before the tattoo. Even if you don't get a hangover, alcohol can still thin your blood the next day. Also avoid coffee and energy drinks.

Shave any hairs before leaving if you have done this before and know how to shave the skin without scratching/skin irritation. I'll check the skin before tattooing and if necessary, I'll do the shaving. As a tattoo artist, I am used to this, so don't be unnecessarily embarrassed.

Eat properly before you come! Heavy and filling food works best because you are full for longer. It's more difficult to sit still when you're hungry.
Do not drink caffeinated beverages such as coffee or energy drinks. They thin the blood and make it difficult to stay still.

Make sure you have enough money to get the tattoo. We usually prefer cash.

If you are getting sick or have a runny nose, please let us know in time so that we can make a new appointment for you. Don't get tattooed if you're sick! It is unfair to expose the tattoo artist and other customers to illness. It may also slow down the healing process of your tattoo. If we notice that you are sick, we have the right to refuse to tattoo you and book a new appointment. We do not refund the booking fee.

If you are coming to continue a picture you have already started, make sure the picture is completely healed before that! If the picture has not improved, we will have to make another appointment.


Take a photo ID with you.

When you arrive at the studio, don't slam the door - it's always locked. Ring the doorbell! Since the door is locked and there are usually only two of us in the studio, you can leave your things in the hanger without any worries.

So don't drag all your belongings to the tattoo chair, but leave your bag, clothes, shoes, etc. make sure they are not in the way of the tattoo artist. Feel free to put your phone on silent, you can keep it with you at the tattoo station and browse it if the tattoo position allows it.

The toilet can be found at the back of the studio, between the fireplace and the counter. The toilet is unfortunately very small and the inner door doesn't close properly, but the first door does - you can be in peace, no one else comes there and I can't see into the space even if I walk around the tattoo parlor.

You can take a friend with you if you really want to, but the friend must sit quietly and not touch you, the tattoo table or the equipment. Your friend will probably be bored, so we recommend bringing some entertainment. If your friend is disturbing or otherwise a nuisance, we won't let him stay on the tattoo side.

Leave the kids at home. There are no babysitters here and a crying child/baby puts considerable stress on all parties.

Pack a fully charged cell phone and possibly headphones if you want to listen to music or watch a movie. Don't forget to take some food with you, especially high-carb and protein-rich food are good. Snack bars, nuts, crackers or fruit work well. Make sure you have a ride home if you need one, you might feel a little weak after the tattoo. We have a large candy tray and in the fridge there is mineral water and various sodas and drinks that you can freely sip if needed.

Choose clothing so that the area to be tattooed can be easily exposed and there is no hem/sleeve constantly falling over it. If you are not sure about the garment, bring a couple of alternatives. We prefer black clothes! They're good for taking pictures and any (rare) ink stains will not be visible. In winter, you should be prepared with woolen socks and, for example, a woolen sweater, the space might be a bit cool. We have blankets to wrap yourself in if necessary, and an electric fireplace to warm you up if you're feeling cold. Even in the summer, it can be a good idea to take a long-sleeved shirt, etc. along, because while tattooing you may feel cooler than normal.

Preferably come when your appointment starts, not e.g. 20-60 minutes before the appointment. Sometimes (very rarely) the artist may take a little longer with the previous client, so be prepared to wait just in case. You would certainly be grateful if the tattooist would finish your picture in peace, instead of hurrying and sending you home as quickly as possible. You can read books, draw or listen to music while you wait. Smoking, eating, etc. can also be done while waiting. We prefer if you don't smoke right in front of the studio, as the smoke usually gets in through the fresh air vents and stinks up the place. 

Don't put your things on the tattoo artist's supply table!



It hurts, but probably not as much as you imagine. The pain is usually described as similar to a cat scratching.

Making a really small tattoo may not take more than ten minutes, but larger ones can take several hours. Breaks are taken from time to time so that everyone can go to the bathroom, eat or smoke in peace. You will probably have to sit very still when tattooing. It is worth preparing in advance and doing, for example, breathing exercises.

Tell me right away if you feel sick or dizzy. Sometimes when starting a tattoo, you may feel a little weak, and usually at the end of a long tattoo session, you may feel bad. This is normal, just feel free to tell the tattooist how you feel.

The more breaks you take, the slower the tattoo will be completed, but your endurance and wellbeing is what matters.
You can listen to music with headphones, watch a movie on a mobile phone, etc. if you want.


Wait for the tattoo artist to take the gloves off and wrap you up in plastic wrap or second skin before you hand over the money, usually the payment is handled at the counter after the picture. Don't put money on the tattoo table.

You will receive written care instructions, which you must follow. Even if you feel a little weak, you should focus on what the tattoo artist advises. Feel free to ask anything about aftercare, at anytime!

The tattoo includes a free touch-up session if the color comes off. If you have left the tattoo unattended or it's clear that the scabs have been picked, the tattooist may charge you for correcting the image.

Drink a lot of water, rest and keep your body fed and satisfied in the following days. Excessive use of alcohol products should be avoided for a couple of days after tattooing, as alcohol thins the blood and bleeding may push the ink out of the tattoo and the image will not improve as nicely. Sweaty exercise should be avoided for 3 days.

If you are satisfied with your visit, let us know and recommend it to others! You can tag the author in photos on Instagram if you want. If everything didn't go well, tell the tattoo artist directly.
It is very important for us to receive all kinds of feedback so that we can improve the service and grow as professionals. You cannot develop without criticism. Sometimes the tattooist has a bad day or the image just doesn't turn out as well as hoped. The most important thing for a tattoo artist is that the customer is satisfied with the image, so we do our best to make it so.

If you have any questions, send an email or a message on Instagram!